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Welcome to, the premier destination for property inventory management. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you and your organization.

Our goal is to provide unparalleled access to our extensive inventory of properties, both nationwide and abroad. To ensure your business’s success, we are committed to continuously improving our services.

Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can better meet your needs and help convert requests into successful confirmations. Our dedicated team is always here to assist you and provide top-tier service.

Thank you for choosing Living Quarters; we look forward to a fruitful and productive partnership!

No, we aid relocation companies in fulfilling their housing requests. Our extensive inventory of fully furnished, quality vetted properties across the nation provides relocation companies and organizations with a one-stop source for their housing needs.

 No, we also assist companies and organizations with workforce housing, large housing requests, and business travel housing needs. 

Yes, we have a specialized department that assists travel nurses, healthcare travel specialists, and recruiters in finding suitable housing from our inventory of properties.

Our Support staff will research your request and match it with available properties from our inventory, and then email you a response.

We may reach out to fine-tune your request or ask additional questions. 

 If you have a larger request for 10+ units or 200+ nights, please still submit the request.

While we primarily match requests with our current inventory, we will reach out to our network of property owners for larger requests.

Yes, every unit offered by must meet our quality guidelines and standards.

Each unit is actively operational and ready for occupancy based on availability. 

 Yes, all photos are no older than one year old and as current as possible.

Submit your request, and our Support Staff will assist you by confirming dates, availability, and walking you through the confirmation process.

Once a reservation is made and paid for, the cancellation terms for that unit will be enforced.

Please contact us immediately if a cancellation is required.

That depends on the length of your stay.

For 20-day stays, full payment is required, and for anything over 30 nights, you may qualify for a monthly payment option.

In most cases, no. These are not tenant rentals but guest reservation confirmations.

No lease or utility setup is required for our properties. 

Yes, your invoice will itemize the cost of your stay and any other required costs.

Please review your invoices carefully.

Yes, based on availability.

If the unit is available for your extension request, a new agreement will be sent to you before confirming your extension request. 

No, your reservation is made for you.

If you wish to transfer it, a new agreement must be made and approved by LQ before another person moves in.

Click on the request form to see our selection of cities and locations.

 That depends on the property. Some require a security deposit, while others require an insurance waiver that we provide.

Each is assessed on a per-case basis, and our Support Staff will assist you with this.

Here is how to make the most of our service:

1. Fill out your request with as many details as possible, including your contact information and timeline urgency.
2. If your request can be flexible, note that in the “NOTES”; section and submit your search.
3. Our Make It Happen Support Staff will match your request to our extensive database of properties.
4. Present the option to your client(s).
5. When your client approves, inform us and we will secure availability and confirm your request.
Upon confirmation, we may proceed with the reservation stage of the request.

If there is a question not asked in the Request Form please enter it in the
NOTES section. and Express Corporate Housing Partnership

The LQ search engine is to assist you in quickly locating viable corporate housing options to meet your clients’ requirements. The Property Inventory Search Engine is 1 of 2 steps to expediently provide you with options and connect you to our Make It Happen Support Staff specialized in fine tuning your request for the best opportunity for a successful booking and confirmation.

Any questions you may have or specialty requests please do not hesitate to inform us. The more information we have about your request the better options we can provide you in response.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. All property options are based upon availability.
  2. As the owners and managers of the inventory we have some flexibility to make inventory available for Express Corporate Housing.
  3. Once a client is confirmed and has agreed to the housing offered by Living “LQ”, an invoice is sent out to your company for payment. The invoice must be accompanied with the following information:
  • Client name
  • How many people
  • Confirmed check in and check out date and time
  • Vehicle make, model and license plate if parking is required and approved
  • Pet types and how many if applicable.
  • Signed Reservation Form confirming you are taking this property
  1. Once all the information is received, our Success Team will send you check in information and details including:
  • Lockbox or digital check in info
  • WIFI access
  • Parking instructions.
Extension Requests: understands that many corporate housing stays may extend. We ask to be notified as soon as you know in advance so we may help satisfy any extension requests. Our service is built on relationship and finding the resolution for our clients and our clients, clients. That is why we offer a human touch to our support so we can better understand your needs and offer the best options for a successful result.

Check Out:

Once a guest checks out LQ will notify you of their departure and of anything that may need to be communicated with you about their stay.

Early Departure and check out:

Express Corporate Housing has been granted a 17-day early departure waiver for most reservations. Meaning your guest can check out from their stay with a 17 day advanced notice ending their stay agreement with us. This notice must be sent in writing to accompanied with the guest name, location of property and your contact information 17 days prior to the next billing cycle. This is subject to the property as well, this waiver is not available at some properties.

Client Communication and Return Guests: works specifically with you the client. Your clients must book directly with you for their corporate housing needs. If a client is seeking an extension or a new reservation for corporate housing needs, they are encouraged to use your service to process their requests.

Living Document and Learning Curve Notice:

Every partner we work with faces a learning curve as we begin our business relationship. Because of this, this document is a living document and subject to changes, modifications, additions, and adjustments. We will work closely with your company and its staff to learn how your organization works and its best practices so together we may have a positive lucrative venture and experience.

Rate Suppression:

All rates are confidential between and your company. Our property partners have been advised not to bill any guests or clients. Termination of agreement: LivingQuarters maintains the full rights to terminate this agreement at its own discretion.